Marriage Celebrant

I am dedicated to conducting beautiful weddings and every couple is very important to me.  Your wedding day should be the best of your life, and I would love to help you create a ceremony that is memorable and very special.  I consider it a great honour to be asked to be part of such a significant milestone.

Every ceremony I write begins with a blank page. It’s personal to you and I take great pleasure in creating something unique. Your wedding day is about you and the special people you choose to share it with.  I work hard to ensure you are relaxed and enjoy every minute of this part of your wedding day. I am available for unlimited consultation in the time leading up to the big day, and I will make every effort to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Each wedding is different and the price will depend on the location of your ceremony. One size doesn‘t fit all and I will tailor what I do to fit your specific needs. I do, however, believe in being open an honest about my fees. The prices listed below give an indication of a fee average.

Auckland –  approx $420 plus GST
Hamilton –   approx $390 plus GST
Weddings nationwide by arrangement

I will give you a full quote, depending on travel (I am based in Hamilton).  It will include:

  • A meeting to discuss and plan the ceremony
  • Examples of vows and ring exchange words
  • Writing the ceremony
  • Conducting the ceremony
  • A meeting a few days before your wedding day
  • Travel
  • A copy of the ceremony for your records
  • A microphone if necessary

A $100 non-refundable deposit is requested to secure the booking, and the balance is usually paid prior to the wedding.  My fee reflects the time I spend ensuring your ceremony is personal to you.  Please feel free to phone or e-mail me.

M.C Package
I am also available to be the professional M.C/Host for your reception. This involves co-ordinating photos, organising the seating of guests, and introducing speeches. I can help make your reception flow smoothly so you can relax and enjoy your evening. I can do this in conjunction with my role as your Celebrant, or am available to step in once your Celebrant has finished.

Price indication:  approx $400 depending on location

Wedding Day Package
I work closely with celebrity make-up artist Shelley Strange You may be arranging your own wedding, but we want your day to run as smoothly as possible without any pressure on you. We are available to co-ordinate your wedding day from start to finish. Shelley will transform you and your attendants, then be with you through the day, ensuring you look your best. She will ensure you are photo-ready at all times. As well as being your Marriage Celebrant, I can also co-ordinate timing of events throughout the day, organise your photos, ensure your guests’ needs are met, then become your professional M.C for the evening.

Price is dependent on the number of attendants requiring make-up.


“Kay was/is amazing! We had a very relaxed wedding, (not traditional) and Kay’s service complimented our personalities perfectly. She arrived early, (our wedding was an hour north of Auckland) and sat with the bridesmaids and myself as we were all getting ready. She was DEFINITELY a calming presence in amongst the craziness .Once we were ready to go, Kay went out to the guests and briefed them on the proceedings about to take place. The service was short and straight to the point with a little bit of humour, which I particularly loved as I was soo nervous. She is definitely an amazing Celebrant, she really took our needs and personalities into account. She is well versed in all aspects of ceremonial procedures, namely wedding vows, certificate signing, etc.
Wedding ceremonies begin with the Celebrant, and Kay’s calm and assured nature, enabled our day to get off to the PERFECT start!
Vanita Thomas

When Ian and I decided to get married at my 50th birthday in December 2009 (after being together for 15 years) who else would we have! We only decided eight days beforehand and I rang Kay in a bit of a panic but she was so calm and we had it all arranged in two days! (there were only three people who knew we were getting married Ian, Kay and myself).  What can I say about Kay that will put you at ease I guess for me from the first day I met her she felt like a friend I thought this is someone I want to know forever even though it felt like we had.  She talks so easily and I have never ever heard her say “um?” or waffle (I really dislike waffle!) the formal parts of any ceremony have been carried out professionally but with heart and soul I don’t know how better to describe it. 
Obviously we have been to many weddings and I can honestly say with hand on heart that Kay is the best I have ever seen I think the proof of that is in the fact that other friends have also had Kay has their celebrant.  Trust me you will not be disappointed she is a wonderful, caring, fun, fun lady !
Ian and Nita Frazer

We can not thank you enough for making our day so special. Everyone had a great time and the afternoon went well. E-mails coming in are asking to do it again next week. Look forward to seeing you again if the situation arises that we need a super person to do anything for our family. You will always be a part of our special memories, 
Love, Dot and Wayne